Our Photo Booths

Q: How does the photo booth work?

A: Pick your props, jump in the booth, hit the touch screen and pose. Your image will appear on the monitor with a 6-second countdown and *CLICK* captures the memory. You have three additional chances to change out props and strike a new pose. Step out, wait about 10 seconds and your photos are printed! We always have an attendant at the booth in case you need to pause the countdown, print additional photos or have any technical difficulties.

Q: How big is the photo booth? How many people can it fit?

A: Our open-air photo booth with backdrop requires an area of 8'x8'. We recommend 1 to 5 people at a time, but you can squeeze in up to 10 friends in the frame (though you’ll all want to get reaaally close and make two rows).

Q: How fast do the prints come out? How is the quality of the prints?

A: Each photo strip prints in about 10 seconds (it’s pretty fast!). We use a professional-grade dye-sublimation printer that custom cuts each photo and high-quality ink so your photos won’t fade.

Q: I need the booth set up two hours before my reception because my ceremony and reception are at the same place. How much do you charge for idle hours?

A: We charge $75 extra per hour of idle time after the first hour of setup, which is always included in the package price. Most of our clients choose to have the booth running during cocktail hour, have it idle for an hour during dinner and then start it back up for a couple more hours during the reception.

Q: Are there limitations as to where the photo booth can be set-up?

A: We can set up virtually anywhere there’s access to two power outlets and a level surface. All our pieces are independent of one another and can be easily set-up indoor or outdoor. Ideally, we would ask that we be right near a power outlet, but let us know if we’ll need to bring a long extension cord based on your venue. We will contact you/your event coordinator to help pick the best location to ensure the best experience for your guests.

Our Services

Q: How many prints do I get?

A: We provide each person with either two 2x6 prints or one 4x6 print during your event. We also provide digital copies of every photo via an online gallery after the event. 

Q: Can I add more hours if needed on the day of our event?

A: Please let us know as soon as you determine the extra hours are needed and we will gladly do our best to accommodate. Our rate for additional hours is $150 per hour of operation past your package hours and $75 per hour of idle time (non-operational hours, usually occurs during dinner service at weddings between cocktail hour and reception).

Q: What happens on the day of the event?

A: We arrive an hour before your starting time to prep the booth (this time is always included in your package and does not count against your purchased photo booth operation time). The booth will be open at your designated time and guests are invited to enjoy unlimited photos during this time. We always have an attendant at the booth in case you need to pause the photo countdown, print additional photos or have any technical difficulties. After your event, we will post all printed photo booth photos on our online gallery for viewing and free downloads. (Please allow 24-48 hrs for uploading of pictures).

Q: What areas do you service?

A: We are based in Santa Clara and service the entire Bay Area.

Q: What props do you provide, what do they look like and can I bring my own?

A: We carry a variety of props: funny glasses, wigs, silly mustaches, masks. We can also provide custom props to match your theme. If you have any extra props that you would like to share with your guests, you are more than welcome to provide them in the booth as well!

Q: What are scrapbooks?

A: It’s a fun keepsake for you! Any package can include a scrapbook for your guests to stick their photo booth photos, plus write memorable messages to the event host. We handpick a scrapbook and provide adhesive and pens for your guests to use. A big favorite for weddings!

Q: How long does it take for my event's photos to be listed on the online gallery?

A: Photos will be uploaded to our online gallery within 24-48 hrs of your event date. Unlimited downloads are always free of charge! Event hosts have the option of password protecting the online photo gallery for guest privacy.

Q: I have a photographer, why do I need a photo booth?

A: We get this question a lot! Photographers are excellent for capturing special moments, but a photo booth is entertainment for your guests and gives them a fun keepsake to remember your special event. 

Q: Can you incorporate a personal heading or logo on the photo strips?

A: We incorporate logos or custom images to fit into your event theme or style. For weddings, it's typical to put the bride and groom's name and the wedding date at the bottom. Please contact us for ideas and samples.

​Q: Are there limitations on how many photos the guests can take?

A: Nope! Guest can take as many photos as they like within the photo booth hours of operation. 

Q: What does the attendant do?

A: The attendant will set up and breakdown the booth, entertain your guests, assist guests with the photo scrapbook, replenish any supplies as needed, answer any questions, and provide any technical support.


Q: How long does it take to set up?

A: It takes us about 30 minutes to set up our equipment. We usually come at least an hour early to make sure everything is running smoothly for your special event.

Q: What is your payment policy?

A: We require 25% of the total package price as a nonrefundable deposit. On the day of your event, we require the rest of the payment. We accept checks and all major credit cards.

Q: What if something comes up and the event is cancelled after the booking?​

A: When life happens, we totally understand if you have to cancel or reschedule. Please let us know as soon as possible to discuss any change in plans and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Q: Do you have insurance?

A: Yes, we have liability insurance.

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